The Andaman Coast, ThailandThe Andaman Coast, Thailand

A combination of Idyllic islands and scenic shoreline make the Andaman Coat of Thailand a great tropical destination. The area has a broad appeal that is similar to its opposite, the Gulf Coast. It is home to two of the most known resort areas in the country, Krabi and Phuket that attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. While the two areas take lead in tourist attractions, the Andaman Coast has plenty of other markers such as the relaxed Tarutao Marine Park, the beautiful Trang islands, the energetic party life of Phi. 

Phuket is the most developed island in Thailand; it is also the biggest one. Whether you plan on being thrifty or have an open budget, the island has accommodation that will work with your budget. The busy airport allows you to make convenient connections to several locations within the country. In Phuket, you will find the busy Patong that is fast, and full of life. If this is not your scene, then you can choose to stay on the west coast beaches where it is quieter and calm. Either way, you should ensure to make time and visit the historic Phuket Old Town district in the inlands for a historical experience. 

Ao Nang is what pulls people to the Krabi area; it has also seen a lot of development in recent years which has transformed it into a charming southern province town. The Krabi area is also home to the sandy beaches of Phra Nang, and Railay; they are known for the amazing scenery and thriving population. Quieter beaches can be found at the Tubkaak Beach or the Muang Beach; popularly known for emerald seas and charming hospitality. Krabi Town has several cultural attractions which makes it a favorite for tourists. 

The Andaman Coast would not be complete without the charm and amazement of the Surin Islands, and the Similan Islands. Those who have dove in the waters around the Similan Island have noted them as some of the best in the world. During your visit here, you will spot several moray eels, sea turtles, and even leopard sharks. If you are a newbie at diving, you can arrange a snorkeling trip along the Similan Island. Serious divers have the opportunity to join a live-abroad boat to swim with the buzzing marine life. What is more, the Surin Islands offer even bigger opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

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